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Beware the dump

Viewed from a bus: a user on the street, in a power chair, clearly with good trunk strength as she was leaning forward to drive, and drove at a good clip. But she had to be uncomfortable because she was pulling away from a significant seat slope, so she had... Read more →

Buying medical equipment and aids

BP focuses on postural support and accessories for wheelchairs, shower chairs and other mobility devices. But our users have a lot more needs than that, and most of us shop on line, so here are some reminders about the all-important retail shopping process. Add price + tax + shipping when... Read more →

Why do we say "hip belt?"

Even longtime wheelers frequently use the term "seat belts," but here at Bodypoint, we are always saying "hip belts." The difference is an important one. A "seat belt" in a car, airplane or other motor vehicle is there for one purpose: to keep you from being ejected from the seat... Read more →

Hazy on hardware?

We've listed our most popular, useful hardware into a single table for your reference. Though selecting and installing the hardware that holds a postural support to a mobility device takes a few minutes, the results last for years -- we test our hardware to make sure! And our limited lifetime... Read more →

Choosing a hip belt

Have you seen our Hip Belt Wizard? It's designed to help you build the right hip belt from our extensive, standards-tested selection. A few questions about the user, and you're off! Padded, unpadded, 2-point, 4-point, pull styles, buckle styles, it's all here. Give it a try! Read more →