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PDG Elevation options

Recently, we had the opportunity to consider what BP offers PDG Elevation wheelchair users. Here are some quick tips. The Elevation offers optional flexible side guards. When the back angle is increased, using these lifts the user's legs up away from the frame to preserve a more horizontal seat angle.... Read more →

Some differences matter

An "all CRT is equal" mentality can only hurt patients. Just as there are therapies that are more or less effective for a particular condition, features, build quality and performance vary in our world as well. Those of us who test to standards, inspect materials and products before shipping, and... Read more →

Gel with Sub-ASIS pads

Edit: as requested in a comment below, here's a pic of a pad "stuck on" We sell sub-ASIS pads, teardrop-shaped pads filled with Synergel, by the pair, in small and large sizes. As you can imagine, they fill anatomical gaps and asymmetry, but also provide extra cushioning, helpful in a... Read more →

Chat us up!

Our live chat is quick and easy! At the bottom right of every page here on the blog and on each product page, click on the orange text and you can get a quote, ask a question, get a photo or diagram...endless possibilities! Ashley, Gabby and Stephanie are happy... Read more →

Price can't be everything

Back in December, we presented a Webinar on the enduring value of Bodypoint supports -- it comes down to value, as purchases often do. While the presentation was aimed at companies that sell our products, the basics apply to users, caregivers and clinicians as well. Sometimes, you get what you... Read more →

Upper body support for larger users

Wheelchair users come in all shapes and sizes. Often, larger users, especially those with a pear shape where the upper body is much smaller than the belly, will be better served by a two-point chest strap (attached to the chair in one place on each side) or belt than a... Read more →

Using a Cinch Mountâ„¢ to adjust length

Many of our hip belts and harnesses are attached to a wheelchair using a Cinch Mount, which looks like this: By adjusting the length of the webbing (plain, unpadded material) inside this mount, you can easily adjust the length and fit of your belt or harness. Insert a screwdriver into... Read more →

Secret hardware compatibility codes

Now that we have invoked a History Channel special, let's explore a little known fact about the Bodypoint Product Guide. There are color codes! Below some of our most popular optional mounting hardware is shown, with little dabs of color next to each. Look below this section and you will... Read more →

Order up!

We are pleased to announce that residents of California, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon and Washington can order BP products directly from us by phone. We are always happy to field your questions about product selection and use, but now we can ship to you directly. And if you find... Read more →

Restraining movement: how is this good?

If you ask wheelchair users about belts or other postural supports, quite often you'll hear answers like, "I don't want to be belted into a chair." This can be the case even when someone is clearly in pain or an uncomfortable position. RESNA, the organization that certifies assistive technology professionals... Read more →