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On the trail with Ian

Ian Mackay, of Ian's Ride fame, was recently featured in an Apple video, showing how Siri, Switch Control and Facetime enhance a beautiful outing on the trail. Ian uses a BP chest belt to hold an upright, centered position from which to enjoy his natural adventures. Perhaps the most striking... Read more →

Staying safe

It's not clear if we're noticing them more often, they're more often made public or the incidence is rising, but there have been numerous recent reports of motor vehicle accidents, fires, robberies and assaults involving wheelchair users. With that in mind, what are some possible preventive measures? The best defense... Read more →

A new name and a new video

BP's Mobility Bag, formerly the Underseat Bag, has its own video! We changed the name because many people are side-mounting it, whether on walkers, strollers, scooters, manual or power chairs, and because it really is a "mobility bag" -- you throw in the essentials and go. The bag doesn't bounce... Read more →