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Art of the double-wrap

This is one of these things that seems so simple, but we had not seen it before, so it's time to share. At the Seattle Adaptive Sports Paralympics Day, we met an athlete who uses our calf strap for basketball and our Universal Elastic Strap (UES) for table tennis. What... Read more →

Even if: presenting the Evoflex®

Why is this post "presenting" a product we've had for years? Because we meet few people who can name all the ways to use it! For one thing, it's a part-time or full-time pelvic support for "people who don't like belts" and/or have problems with belts getting in the way... Read more →

Aerate your life!

Warmer weather, as many of us are experiencing (finally!), often directs us toward the beauty and recreation to be found in and around water, perhaps using beach wheelchairs, pool lifts or boats. Or maybe to a muddy music festival. And that leads us to one of our favorite topics: Aeromesh®.... Read more →

Skating on wheels

We were thrilled to watch Callen and his dad Philip having a great time at a Utah skate park, leveraging the security of a BP hip belt and Stayflex™! Helping our users stay in motion is our prime motivation, every day. Read more →

Adaptive rec at the Expo

We set up our booth (#443) tonight at the LA Abilities Expo, and saw several sports, arts and other recreational opportunities like boating highlighted by our neighbors. We hope to interact with many of these organizations and share what postural support might add to these pursuits. To spread your wings... Read more →

Positioning, not pressuring the foot

We've been asked, "Why does BP not offer a ratchet-style instep or toe strap?" There are two major answers. First, a "ski boot" kind of product can put undue pressure on delicate skin and soft tissue on the top and sides of the foot, areas that are already at risk... Read more →

Pickleball invasion!

Adria Barlow, the creator of Rock N Roll Pickleball, is here today getting some gear for her new sports chair! She graciously updated us on the program and how BP products like the Evoflex® and Universal Elastic Strap help athletes of diverse physical abilities achieve. Worth a look! Read more →