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Price can't be everything

Back in December, we presented a Webinar on the enduring value of Bodypoint supports -- it comes down to value, as purchases often do. While the presentation was aimed at companies that sell our products, the basics apply to users, caregivers and clinicians as well. Sometimes, you get what you... Read more →

Educating managed care and policymakers

In our conversation, it was evident that the costs associated with delivering and setting up equipment are grossly underestimated by the insurance industry. Too many payment sources view HME and DME providers as only deliverers of product, not necessarily the providers of service. via As this post points out,... Read more →

Did you know? Upper body/trunk update

We've been collecting little nuggets about Bodypoint products that seem to fly under the radar. Here are a few of the most recent pearls, and you'll see more on some of these in the near future! FLR G codes, used for justifying OT, PT and SLP services for Medicare, include... Read more →

"Belts," "harnesses" and stigma

To obtain reimbursement for soft postural supports, they have to fit within language that insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid expect, and that clinicians prescribing these will use. Thus, BP uses terms like "hip belt," "calf strap" and "shoulder harness." The problem with these names is that they sound like a... Read more →