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Erin gears up for summer!

We met Erin and her mom at Paralympic Sports Day, sponsored by Seattle Adaptive Sports. Her mom thought Erin might need better upper body support. Ironically, we ended up addressing other issues that seemed like low-hanging fruit, and which in turn improved upper body position. After removing uncomfortable foot straps... Read more →

Even if: presenting the Evoflex®

Why is this post "presenting" a product we've had for years? Because we meet few people who can name all the ways to use it! For one thing, it's a part-time or full-time pelvic support for "people who don't like belts" and/or have problems with belts getting in the way... Read more →

Gel with Sub-ASIS pads

Edit: as requested in a comment below, here's a pic of a pad "stuck on" We sell sub-ASIS pads, teardrop-shaped pads filled with Synergel, by the pair, in small and large sizes. As you can imagine, they fill anatomical gaps and asymmetry, but also provide extra cushioning, helpful in a... Read more →

That extra tug: two tips

This week, we're shooting some videos (coming your way soon!) and noticed two little but important tips to share. When a user or caregiver is adjusting the tightness of any postural support with a buckle (think hip belts, chest/shoulder supports, the Evoflex®), it often takes a second tug after initially... Read more →

Aerate your life!

Warmer weather, as many of us are experiencing (finally!), often directs us toward the beauty and recreation to be found in and around water, perhaps using beach wheelchairs, pool lifts or boats. Or maybe to a muddy music festival. And that leads us to one of our favorite topics: Aeromesh®.... Read more →

Skating on wheels

We were thrilled to watch Callen and his dad Philip having a great time at a Utah skate park, leveraging the security of a BP hip belt and Stayflex™! Helping our users stay in motion is our prime motivation, every day. Read more →

Toeing the line

At the LA Abilities Expo last month, we saw many wheelchair-using kids and adults with one foot on top of the other in a single platform or "foot box" (instead of two footplates) -- a sign of positioning problems for the entire body, not just the feet. When the feet... Read more →

Stretching your imagination, Expo edition

We've posted before about some of the possibilities for using our cushioned, machine-wash/dry, Velcro®-style Universal Elastic Strap (UES), which some of us call a utility infielder. At the LA Abilities Expo, we heard new ways that wheelers can use it, and did on-the-spot testing to prove what it can do.... Read more →

Size isn't anything

At the Abilities Expo last week, we saw numerous larger wheelchair users with their backs slumped down against the chair -- an important reminder that users of size need positioning just as much as every other user. Sometimes it is said, "the center of gravity keeps a heavier user in... Read more →

Hip belts for children

Here are a few pearls for ensuring a proper fit. Positioning the belt. Hip belts for children using wheelchairs are fitted by measuring across the body in the position and angle that most counteracts undesirable movement. In children, the most stable belt position is generally near the sub-ASIS notch (forward... Read more →