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Beware the dump

Viewed from a bus: a user on the street, in a power chair, clearly with good trunk strength as she was leaning forward to drive, and drove at a good clip. But she had to be uncomfortable because she was pulling away from a significant seat slope, so she had... Read more →

Size isn't anything

At the Abilities Expo last week, we saw numerous larger wheelchair users with their backs slumped down against the chair -- an important reminder that users of size need positioning just as much as every other user. Sometimes it is said, "the center of gravity keeps a heavier user in... Read more →

Expo update: filling the gaps

Our dart board has gotten some use today, but the best measure of our success has to be the impact that we might have had on users, families and the professionals who support them. If you are already a "postural support convert," please share your knowledge with your friends --... Read more →

Come see us at the LA Abilities Expo!

We (that's Charlotte, Jill & Laurie) will be holding down booth #443 at this week's show, offering special pricing so you can take home a calf support, joystick handle, mobility [formerly underseat] bag, shower chair belt or temporary positioning strap. Or just stop by to learn more about what our... Read more →

Hip belts for children

Here are a few pearls for ensuring a proper fit. Positioning the belt. Hip belts for children using wheelchairs are fitted by measuring across the body in the position and angle that most counteracts undesirable movement. In children, the most stable belt position is generally near the sub-ASIS notch (forward... Read more →

Pickleball invasion!

Adria Barlow, the creator of Rock N Roll Pickleball, is here today getting some gear for her new sports chair! She graciously updated us on the program and how BP products like the Evoflex® and Universal Elastic Strap help athletes of diverse physical abilities achieve. Worth a look! Read more →

"Belts," "harnesses" and stigma

To obtain reimbursement for soft postural supports, they have to fit within language that insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid expect, and that clinicians prescribing these will use. Thus, BP uses terms like "hip belt," "calf strap" and "shoulder harness." The problem with these names is that they sound like a... Read more →

Making sense of midlines

Bodypoint's Tri-Lock™ midline mount for power wheelchairs has several features that set it apart from other systems, and which are highlighted in the video below. Meet a couple of our midline users, Todd and Ryan, and see how our solution helps them achieve their goals every day. As the video... Read more →

The power of an Evoflex®

Here's one of our favorite stories from To the Point, our monthly email. A therapist emailed us about Larry. “I have a 4-point belt, neoprene style mounted at about 60 degrees, not wanting to pull the pelvis further into a posterior tilt. But we are having problems with the belt... Read more →