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A tale of two chest supports

Kyle had been using a hip belt with side release buckle as a chest support. It looked like this: Then, because it is designed to work with Kyle's thoracic "lateral" supports, we recommended a switch to the two-piece center release Monoflex™ with swivel buckle. The result was this: Perhaps more... Read more →

Erin gears up for summer!

We met Erin and her mom at Paralympic Sports Day, sponsored by Seattle Adaptive Sports. Her mom thought Erin might need better upper body support. Ironically, we ended up addressing other issues that seemed like low-hanging fruit, and which in turn improved upper body position. After removing uncomfortable foot straps... Read more →

Art of the double-wrap

This is one of these things that seems so simple, but we had not seen it before, so it's time to share. At the Seattle Adaptive Sports Paralympics Day, we met an athlete who uses our calf strap for basketball and our Universal Elastic Strap (UES) for table tennis. What... Read more →

Why wear a four-point belt?

This is what a German user, Tobias Jan, told us on Facebook: "...Padding is comfortable. + with the additional straps the main belt stays in position... The main benefit is less back pain because of blocking the pelvis rotation, Additional benefits are: - Tied down in the chair i feel... Read more →

Even if: presenting the Evoflex®

Why is this post "presenting" a product we've had for years? Because we meet few people who can name all the ways to use it! For one thing, it's a part-time or full-time pelvic support for "people who don't like belts" and/or have problems with belts getting in the way... Read more →

On the trail with Ian

Ian Mackay, of Ian's Ride fame, was recently featured in an Apple video, showing how Siri, Switch Control and Facetime enhance a beautiful outing on the trail. Ian uses a BP chest belt to hold an upright, centered position from which to enjoy his natural adventures. Perhaps the most striking... Read more →

An evening with the Quadfather!

One of our users, Todd Stabelfeldt, aka "the Quadfather," was featured in this inspirational Apple video. Of course, switch control, the Home app and Siri is a great combination, but the home life and camaraderie we see here is so much more -- the humanity that technology, at its best,... Read more →

Chat us up!

Our live chat is quick and easy! At the bottom right of every page here on the blog and on each product page, click on the orange text and you can get a quote, ask a question, get a photo or diagram...endless possibilities! Ashley, Gabby and Stephanie are happy... Read more →

Skating on wheels

We were thrilled to watch Callen and his dad Philip having a great time at a Utah skate park, leveraging the security of a BP hip belt and Stayflex™! Helping our users stay in motion is our prime motivation, every day. Read more →

Toeing the line

At the LA Abilities Expo last month, we saw many wheelchair-using kids and adults with one foot on top of the other in a single platform or "foot box" (instead of two footplates) -- a sign of positioning problems for the entire body, not just the feet. When the feet... Read more →