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Expo update: filling the gaps

Our dart board has gotten some use today, but the best measure of our success has to be the impact that we might have had on users, families and the professionals who support them. If you are already a "postural support convert," please share your knowledge with your friends --... Read more →

Mattress and bedding: layering your nest

A basic medical grade foam mattress, usually 6-8" tall, is a great foundation for an adjustable or hospital bed overlay. For a non-adjustable bed, a fairly cheap foam mattress, not proprietary memory foam, often does the trick for hundreds or thousands less. Unless you have real evidence of what you... Read more →

Considering a hospital bed

Sleep is where we all want and should spend a good deal of time, so it will be a hot topic here. If someone needs help with transfers, has respiratory impairment, can't position themselves easily, or has one or more serious medical conditions, a hospital bed is worth a look.... Read more →