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New! Shower chair calf support

Now available, it's the softest stability you're going to find for a shower chair in tilt! That's because it's made from porous Aeromesh®, unique to Bodypoint. No mounting or hardware is required; this calf support clips on, pulls off. Give your lower legs the same support they have on your... Read more →

Alternative tube food formulas

Many tubers and parents are not aware of alternatives to the traditional and more frequently-prescribed corn syrup-based formulas. Because these formulas are a long way from "real food," they can cause or worsen health issues such as diabetes and GI discomfort, which is often why other options are sought. Of... Read more →

That extra tug: two tips

This week, we're shooting some videos (coming your way soon!) and noticed two little but important tips to share. When a user or caregiver is adjusting the tightness of any postural support with a buckle (think hip belts, chest/shoulder supports, the Evoflex®), it often takes a second tug after initially... Read more →

Aerate your life!

Warmer weather, as many of us are experiencing (finally!), often directs us toward the beauty and recreation to be found in and around water, perhaps using beach wheelchairs, pool lifts or boats. Or maybe to a muddy music festival. And that leads us to one of our favorite topics: Aeromesh®.... Read more →

Educating managed care and policymakers

In our conversation, it was evident that the costs associated with delivering and setting up equipment are grossly underestimated by the insurance industry. Too many payment sources view HME and DME providers as only deliverers of product, not necessarily the providers of service. via As this post points out,... Read more →

New businesses aid aging in place

Some 110 million Americans are over the age of 50 — a percentage set to rise significantly in the coming years. Experts have even speculated that the first person to live more than 150 years is alive today, noted AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins. The link below highlights startups that... Read more →

Buying medical equipment and aids

BP focuses on postural support and accessories for wheelchairs, shower chairs and other mobility devices. But our users have a lot more needs than that, and most of us shop on line, so here are some reminders about the all-important retail shopping process. Add price + tax + shipping when... Read more →

To sleep, perchance to heal?

"Nearly every disease killing us in later life has a causal link to lack of sleep," a researcher reports. These findings aren't new. But often people read them and say, "Well, I've tried everything but deep sleep passes me by." Can that be true? Less often than you might think.... Read more →

Size isn't anything

At the Abilities Expo last week, we saw numerous larger wheelchair users with their backs slumped down against the chair -- an important reminder that users of size need positioning just as much as every other user. Sometimes it is said, "the center of gravity keeps a heavier user in... Read more →

Lifts and slings: learnings from the Expo

We will be posting quite a bit about some of the users we met at Abilities Expo this past weekend, both in terms of wheelchair positioning and other kinds of support. It's all part of the need for 24/7 support that provides optimal function and comfort, while reducing users' pain... Read more →