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PDG Elevation options

Recently, we had the opportunity to consider what BP offers PDG Elevation wheelchair users. Here are some quick tips.

The Elevation offers optional flexible side guards. When the back angle is increased, using these lifts the user's legs up away from the frame to preserve a more horizontal seat angle. For users who will be installing these,  we recommend one of our 2-point padded hip belts with a Flat-Mount™ (B1). These belts are available with a variety of buckles, from our low force Rehab Latch™ to the low-profile Swivel Buckle.

The attachment is made through the slots in the bottom of the side guards, passing the webbing ends through the slots and joining them with the bar-slides from the Flat-Mount kit (the triangular end-fitting plates are not used). This allows for a consistent belt length as the seat is raised and lowered.

Some users don't need much seat elevation, or  prefer a more open hip angle for breathing, speech or to maintain full weight bearing on their feet. So they won't be using the flexible side guards.  In this case, we recommend an Evoflex® worn across the middle of the thighs, and mounted to the seat rails using the Seat Tube Mounting Brackets.

These brackets are easy to install, and combined with the Evoflex®, help prevent side-to-side leg movement, and secure against sliding. 

In addition to core support for safety as described above, our calf support, available as a panel or strap behind the legs, is a great idea for users who experience tired or stiff legs in any position. Users tell us that they don't realize what a relief it will be to relax their legs, until the end of the first day!

Questions? Let us know!


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