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That extra tug: two tips

This week, we're shooting some videos (coming your way soon!) and noticed two little but important tips to share.

When a user or caregiver is adjusting the tightness of any postural support with a buckle (think hip belts, chest/shoulder supports, the Evoflex®), it often takes a second tug after initially tightening it to ensure a snug fit. How snug?

First, the user with sensation in the region on which the support is mounted should actually feel the snug.

Second, you can test by slipping a finger beneath the tightened support. It should be difficult but usually not impossible, for center release-style supports, the most common type. However, in the case of rear pull mounts, where a caregiver pulls from the back, there may not be room for a finger. 

Because our supports are anatomically correct, what would be "too tight" and uncomfortable with a regular belt is usually more comfortable and secure in this case. 

The second tip: to make it easier for someone with limited strength to make that second tug, consider mounting the support so that the buckle is slightly off center, further away from the direction in which the webbing will be pulled. That will give the person doing the work more room to grasp the webbing for pulling.

Once you realize just how tight a support should be adjusted, it is simple to get it right every time. Try it and see!


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