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On the trail with Ian

Ian Mackay, of Ian's Ride fame, was recently featured in an Apple video, showing how Siri, Switch Control and Facetime enhance a beautiful outing on the trail. Ian uses a BP chest belt to hold an upright, centered position from which to enjoy his natural adventures. Perhaps the most striking... Read more →

Some differences matter

An "all CRT is equal" mentality can only hurt patients. Just as there are therapies that are more or less effective for a particular condition, features, build quality and performance vary in our world as well. Those of us who test to standards, inspect materials and products before shipping, and... Read more →

Gel with Sub-ASIS pads

Edit: as requested in a comment below, here's a pic of a pad "stuck on" We sell sub-ASIS pads, teardrop-shaped pads filled with Synergel, by the pair, in small and large sizes. As you can imagine, they fill anatomical gaps and asymmetry, but also provide extra cushioning, helpful in a... Read more →

An evening with the Quadfather!

One of our users, Todd Stabelfeldt, aka "the Quadfather," was featured in this inspirational Apple video. Of course, switch control, the Home app and Siri is a great combination, but the home life and camaraderie we see here is so much more -- the humanity that technology, at its best,... Read more →

Chat us up!

Our live chat is quick and easy! At the bottom right of every page here on the blog and on each product page, click on the orange text and you can get a quote, ask a question, get a photo or diagram...endless possibilities! Ashley, Gabby and Stephanie are happy... Read more →

Price can't be everything

Back in December, we presented a Webinar on the enduring value of Bodypoint supports -- it comes down to value, as purchases often do. While the presentation was aimed at companies that sell our products, the basics apply to users, caregivers and clinicians as well. Sometimes, you get what you... Read more →

Au revoir, Nicole!

Nicole Muehlenhaus, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Bodypoint, recently decided to relocate from Seattle to be closer to family. For three years, Nicole tirelessly yet cheerfully helped BP re-focus on our value message, make informed portfolio decisions, better serve trade customers and meet user needs. She was also... Read more →

That extra tug: two tips

This week, we're shooting some videos (coming your way soon!) and noticed two little but important tips to share. When a user or caregiver is adjusting the tightness of any postural support with a buckle (think hip belts, chest/shoulder supports, the Evoflex┬«), it often takes a second tug after initially... Read more →

Aerate your life!

Warmer weather, as many of us are experiencing (finally!), often directs us toward the beauty and recreation to be found in and around water, perhaps using beach wheelchairs, pool lifts or boats. Or maybe to a muddy music festival. And that leads us to one of our favorite topics: Aeromesh┬«.... Read more →

Upper body support for larger users

Wheelchair users come in all shapes and sizes. Often, larger users, especially those with a pear shape where the upper body is much smaller than the belly, will be better served by a two-point chest strap (attached to the chair in one place on each side) or belt than a... Read more →