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Secret hardware compatibility codes

Now that we have invoked a History Channel special, let's explore a little known fact about the Bodypoint Product Guide. There are color codes! Below some of our most popular optional mounting hardware is shown, with little dabs of color next to each. Look below this section and you will... Read more →

Order up!

We are pleased to announce that residents of California, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon and Washington can order BP products directly from us by phone. We are always happy to field your questions about product selection and use, but now we can ship to you directly. And if you find... Read more →

Toeing the line

At the LA Abilities Expo last month, we saw many wheelchair-using kids and adults with one foot on top of the other in a single platform or "foot box" (instead of two footplates) -- a sign of positioning problems for the entire body, not just the feet. When the feet... Read more →

Restraining movement: how is this good?

If you ask wheelchair users about belts or other postural supports, quite often you'll hear answers like, "I don't want to be belted into a chair." This can be the case even when someone is clearly in pain or an uncomfortable position. RESNA, the organization that certifies assistive technology professionals... Read more →

Butterflies aren't free

As users, ATPs and clinicians increasingly realize the importance of upper body support for wheelchair users, there has been increased interest in chest and shoulder products that offer four points of attachment for optimal stability and comfort. In that category, as in others, our line offers the full modern range.... Read more →

Beware the dump

Viewed from a bus: a user on the street, in a power chair, clearly with good trunk strength as she was leaning forward to drive, and drove at a good clip. But she had to be uncomfortable because she was pulling away from a significant seat slope, so she had... Read more →

New businesses aid aging in place

Some 110 million Americans are over the age of 50 — a percentage set to rise significantly in the coming years. Experts have even speculated that the first person to live more than 150 years is alive today, noted AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins. The link below highlights startups that... Read more →

Benzodiazepines: increasingly under indictment

Already linked to the development of Alzheimer's, benzodiazepines like Valium and Ativan have now been linked to the development of pneumonia in people who already have Alzheimer's. The mechanism proposed is aspiration of food or liquids, leading to foreign matter in the lungs that causes infection. When you're foggy, chewing... Read more →

Buying medical equipment and aids

BP focuses on postural support and accessories for wheelchairs, shower chairs and other mobility devices. But our users have a lot more needs than that, and most of us shop on line, so here are some reminders about the all-important retail shopping process. Add price + tax + shipping when... Read more →

To sleep, perchance to heal?

"Nearly every disease killing us in later life has a causal link to lack of sleep," a researcher reports. These findings aren't new. But often people read them and say, "Well, I've tried everything but deep sleep passes me by." Can that be true? Less often than you might think.... Read more →