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Did you know? Upper body/trunk update

We've been collecting little nuggets about Bodypoint products that seem to fly under the radar. Here are a few of the most recent pearls, and you'll see more on some of these in the near future!

FLR G codes, used for justifying OT, PT and SLP services for Medicare, include baselines and change around maintaining and changing position, as well as speech. So to the extent that postural support evaluation and fitting address improvement in these areas, they can be justified on that basis. The CPT code for wheelchair training and management, which does take progressive CNS disorders into consideration, is 97542. Public sector payors in other countries may consider similar metrics as value-driven care is on the rise.

For wheelchair users whose legs splay in specific circumstances, which is often secondary to inadequate trunk support, temporary positioning with our Universal Elastic Strap can fix the problem without mounting an accessory.

Many people have used our Monoflex™ for minimalist but padded chest support, but it's also a great support for the upper abdomen, just under the ribs, and upper legs, too. Snip20170315_1In the upper abdominal position, it can support speech with weak diaphragm muscles, stabilize the upper trunk for sports and complement a hip belt.

For independent users looking for a chest support, one emerging option is not in our catalog as such. We're finding that some high quads appreciate the option of our 2-point center pull unpadded or padded "hip belt" with the low-force Rehab Latch™ used in the chest position as well as around the hips, and some use both.

Manual wheelchairs that are propelled with levers rather than hand rims are increasingly popular. But to maintain a stable core for efficient operation of the levers and to avoid tippiness, a hip belt or leg harness is a strong consideration!

What pearls have you to share? Let us know in Comments.


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