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Manufactures postural supports that improve the lives of wheelchair users


About the company:

Dave Hintzman and Matthew Kosh (now President) founded Bodypoint in 1991, as an outgrowth of work at local hospitals and their shared commitment to improved postural support for wheelchair users.

A wheelchair and its user have a physical connection, but the combination may not always be safe, comfortable or functional as it could be. The name, "Bodypoint" represents our mission: creating solutions for specific user needs at different points on the body.

Because supporting the body requires constant innovation as devices and fabrics evolve, many of our fabrics, designs and hardware components are patented or otherwise proprietary.

When asked why professionals and consumers should select Bodypoint, some of our other answers are:

--The only soft postural support line known to test to all applicable standards, including ISO, ANSI/RESNA and the CE mark
--Backed with a limited lifetime warranty
--Machine washable (up to 60°C/140°F) and machine dryable
--Made in Seattle, USA, under a Quality Management System certified as ISO 9001-2015-compliant


wheelchairs, positioning, seating, mobility, standers, shower chairs, paraplegia, quadriplegia, tetraplegia,TBI, SCI, CP, MS, ALS, spina bifida, adaptive equipment, AAC, AT, adaptive sports